20 February 2016

25 Things that make me happy!

Thank you to Tomodachi for tagging me! Heeee, mmg teringin nak join n just waiting sapelah yg sudi nak tag aku. HAHA
1. Get to eat what I want.
2. Chocolate.
3. Sleep.
4. When my mood is happy the all day.
5. People laugh because of my jokes.
6. Get good marks in exams.
7. New clothes, bag, shoes.
8. 'Terserempak' dgn crush.
9. Travel.
10. Be a leader.
11. Confident and brave.
12. Kahwin ><
13. My parents smiles.
14. Blogging.
15. Hangout with my BFF(s).
16. Have someone to share with.
17. When people love me because of my real self.
18. When I take a beautiful photo of scenery or others.
19. Good photo of my ownself xD
20. Donuts, bakeries, western food v.v
21. Good friends (Not the fake one)
22. Get new gadgets such as hp, laptop and (I WANT CAMERAS)
23. Treat my families ;)
24. Lots of money TvT
25. Bersyukur with what I have ^^
"Life is temporary, but akhirah is forever. Make your life a good journey for you to reach to a good place which is Jannah"

Okay, thank you! ;) Assalamualaikum! :* 


  1. Replies
    1. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Soalannnnnn xD Mcm tau-2 je ramaiiiii! xD Adalah kot 2/3 org. Tp buat masa ni sorg je kot ><

  2. Kebanyakan yg saya baca semuaaa suka coklat. Termasuklah saya. Muehehe :P

  3. amboi kahwinnnnnn :p
    thanks tag, ada masa kite jawab :D

    1. Hahahahahahaha. Semoga jodoh cpt sampai! >< Okay mazni! ;)

  4. tq tag yan,insyaAllah kalau free kak yan jwb :)